Plug and Play Tables

by Mark R

As you can see from this picture, these tables have only one leg. How is that possible? The other end of the table has a built in power strip, and so it is attached to the wall at the power outlet.

You may be asking yourself, why would anyone want to do that? There is a simple reason: power. You may not be able to put your weight on this table, but you will have a convenient place to charge your mobile devices, and put a few things there as well.

Well, I certainly like this little incorporation of aesthetics and functionality, and I would highly recommend using this Plug and Play table with the PowerMat. Then it becomes an easy matter of putting your cell phone, iPod, laptop, or other device and power it wirelessly.

These concept tables are designed by Sung-Pil Hwang and the Nothing Design Group. I think that is an odd name for a design group, because I think this device is really something.

The only problem that I see with these Plug and Play tables is that they have to be made with the user’s specific outlet height in mind. I don’t know if power outlets have a standard height, because a “one size fits all” Plug and Play table could be very easily marketed if that is the case.


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Picasso Says: February 19, 2009 at 1:38 am

Innovative indeed- ingenious idea incorporating interior design and resourcefulness. I like it.

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