The Jeweled Purse Light

by Ally

Now this is a gift that says, “I love you honey, but there isn’t a chance I’d reach my hand in the bottom of that purse.”  Frankly, purses can be terrifying, I’ve been waiting for the day that something bites me from somewhere in the depths of my purse.  It would be nice to be able to know what you’re rummaging through and if you’re in danger of receiving a small injury from fishing through it.  Well with this little gadget, your hands will be safe.

It just clips onto the inside of your purse and then has a light that will shine down into the contents.  It even has little jewels to give it that extra feminine touch.  It only comes in the silver finish shown here, but at least with silver it will be neutral enough to go with any of your purses.  It uses 3 button cell batteries to keep the LED light shining.  It has an on/off button directly on it, as well as 50 jewels.  Don’t worry though, those jewels don’t make it a pricey item.  You can pick it up for $13.

Source: ChipChick

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