Asus Eee mod should really be out, now

by Mark R

Of course, the big tech news today is the official unveiling of the Kindle 2. Usually, when a BIG gadget hits the market, it overshadows news that could just as easily change the tech world as we know it.

Case in point, this modded Asus Eee PC that some Japanese modder came up with, presumably in his or her spare time. Considering that Asus had a very good year last year with their netbooks, so why not create a new market for mini-tablets?

Interacting with this upgraded Eee is as simple as using the buttons on its face, and then a stylus that can interact with the touchscreen. The removal of the keyboard reduces the weight of this netbook considerably, making it weigh in at about 1.68 pounds.

So what is being invented here? A giant-sized Nintendo DS that does not fold up? That’s what it reminds me of. Still, I would probably buy one of these netbooks for when I’m doing assignments on the road, like at CES.

By the way, did you hear that Google is not using the term “netbook” on their Adwords? I guess they think that only Psion should have rights to that word. That is going to tick a lot of people off.

Is there any possibility of this non-netbook being mass-produced and sold to everyone? If so, can I get a review model? Please?


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