11 Geeky or Gadgety Valentine Gifts


It’s under a week until Valentines day, so time for a bit of gadget help for us last minute shoppers.

Duct Tape Roses – $18.00

Duct Tape Roses

Afraid to send a guy flowers? We have the perfect flower to send. Duct Tape Roses. Great for Valentine’s Day an anniversary gift, graduation gift or special birthday gift. Choose your color and quantity. Sold in quantity 3, 6, 9 or 12. Packaged with tissue, ribbon and cello wrapped.

The Duct Tape Roses is available from Abernook for $18.00.


Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit – $5.99

Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit

Any other human, when presented with a nice romantic candlelit dinner with the “significant-other” of their choice, would probably see hearts floating in their eyes. You, however, are one of those above-average superhumans (aka “Geek”), and as such are not as easily swayed by simple biological imperatives, and chances are good your chosen mate is as much geek as you are. Consequently, your natural cynicism requires the use of technology to generate those floating hearts.

The Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit is available from Think Geek for $5.99.


Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume – $39.99

Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume

Even geeks have fantasy’s. From Rubies Costumes new “Secret Wishes” line, this sexy Padmé Amidala costume is perfect for Halloween parties or other special occasions. Includes slinky jumpsuit with attached boot tops and belt.

The Star Wars Padmé Amidala Costume is available from Star Wars Shop for $39.99.


My Perfect Guy Keychain – $5.99

My Perfect Guy talking key chain. Tired of looking for that “Perfect Guy”? Your search is finally over! Placing your needs before his own, this delightful talking key chain character always knows just what to say to make you happy! With a gentle squeeze of his tummy, My Perfect Guy speaks one of 10 custom messages designed to keep you laughing for a lifetime! Key chain is approx,6 inches CONDITION: New perfect gift for the girl who has everything;) except the perfect guy! The perfect guy! says thing only she wants to hear 😉 like “You shouldn’t be cleaning that ,Let’s hire a maid” or “Honey is it ok if I make dinner tonight ? ” plus 8 more funny sayings that you wouldn’t say yourself but she wishes you would

The My Perfect Guy Keychain is available from Amazon for $5.99.


TowelSpa Towel Warmer – $79.50

TowelSpa Towel Warmer

Our TowelSpa Towel Warmer thoroughly warms your towels, blankets, robes, or socks in only 6 minutes. Simply place a towel inside this towel warmer, close the lid, and press the warming button. By the time you step out of the shower, your towel will be perfectly toasty.

The TowelSpa Towel Warmer is available from Frontgate for $79.50.


2 Carat Mug – $14.95

2 Carat Mug

Heard the one about the sparkling ‘diamond’ ring that’s attached to a porcelain mug? It’s hilarious. Especially seeing as it’s packaged in a beautiful presentation box that only shows the gleaming ring. Haha!

The 2 Carat Mug is available from Firebox for $14.95.


Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!! – $4.99

Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!!

Valentine’s Day: 2099. It’s been a long hard fight against the Zombie Hordes, but the end is near. They are overpowering us. We’ve done our best, but we just couldn’t . . . . There’s a bang on the door. OMG, it’s Zombie Cupid. And he doesn’t have love-hearts at the end of his arrows . . . he has REAL hearts! And he’s eating them. Oh no! He’s coming this wa[end transmission from a bleak future]

The Zombie Cupid Eats HEAAAARRRTTTS!! is available from Think Geek for $4.99.


Handheld Percussive Massager. – $49.95

Handheld Percussive Massager.

After rigorous testing by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this handheld percussive massager earned the “Best” rating because it produced the most invigorating massage and allowed panelists to easily pinpoint sore muscles. While panelists criticized competing models for being too vigorous, the best percussive massager was lauded for its perfect massage intensity that was “very comfortable and relaxing.” The best massager earned the highest marks for relieving soreness in the shoulders, neck, back, and legs, leading one panelist to say its thumping nodes provided “a smooth massage that quickly loosened tight muscles.”

The Handheld Percussive Massager. is available from Hammacher for $49.95.


Personalized Beans – $36.00

Personalized Beans

Share the magic of these personalized beans as they grow with your name or message intact. Maximum of 10 characters per bean.

• size: 3/8″L x 5/8″W
• personalization: max of 10 characters per bean

The Personalized Beans is available from Abernook for $36.00.


Valantine’s Tree – $25.00

Valantine's Tree

This is a unique and original green gift. A tree will be planted as a Valentine gift in the
honoree’s name to commemorate his / her Love. This Eco-Friendly gift shows your originality and green conscience. A Tree will be planted in your selected US State, Israel or the Amazon. The Honoree will receive an elegant Tree Certificate, with your Name as the sender(s) and the tree number so they can find the tree location online.

The Valantine’s Tree is available from TreeInstead for $25.00.


iPillow – $19.95


Our soft, plush iPod pillow doubles as a WORKING radio. Use its built-in FM scan radio with audio speaker, or connect it to your iPod or CD player, computer, or other audio device and enjoy great sound.

The iPillow is available from KlearGear for $19.95.


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Jason Says: May 23, 2009 at 9:08 pm

For geeks, this site sells great stuff:


I bought a clock there for my dad for fathers day..
$24 with shipping, a battery, and a year replacement warranty.. Not bad at all, and the owner is nice..

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