The USB Lounge Lamp for those lacking outlets

by Ally

If you have a serious shortage on outlets, but need a light for next to your computer this lamp would come in handy.  It’s powered by your USB port.  It’s of course pretty small, since it is USB powered.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been so desperate for outlets, that I wanted a lamp that can be plugged into my computer.  However, apparently someone has had the dilemma and doesn’t have access to a power strip of any kind.  At least this is one of the few USB gadgets that actually is aesthetically appealing and not in the least bit cheesy.

It doesn’t have flashing colored LED lights or four other barely useful gadgets built into it.  It’s simply a lamp to give you a little more task lighting.  Really, I still think it makes more sense to buy a normal lamp, but I can still appreciate the lamp.  Especially since it’s so affordable.  The lamp stand itself is made from black plastic and the shade has a velveteen black finish.  The lamp measures 25.5 x 10 x 10 cm.  You can purchase it for £5.99 or about $9 from I want one of those.

Source: Newlaunches

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