Last Week’s Coolest Gadget and $50 Winner was…


The winner of last week’s coolest gadget competition is the WowBacon Cooker – Broil Bacon In Your Microwave.

We make bacon just about every weekend for the kids, and we always have a little sample as well. It’s always a mess with our current microwave setup, and the WowBacon Cooker looks to make bacon easier and with less cleanup. It’s small, takes up little space but no bacon cooker can make bacon faster. You can broil a pound of regular or thick cut bacon in less than 10 minutes (we typically do 2 – 5-6 minute runs). Check out the video for more details, but this looks to be the real deal on bacon in the microwave.

Congrats again to Kitchen Contraptions..

The Pencil iPhone Stand
In second place we have the The Pencil iPhone Stand.

I wanted to watch a video on my iPhone yesterday, whilst doing some work on my PC, but not matter what I tried to prop the iPhone up I couldn’t get it at the right angle to watch the video.
Taking inspiration from the well know iPhone Bulldog clip stand but not having any bulldog clips to hand. I fashioned together a landscape iPhone stand using 5 pencils and


Finally in third place comes the Acoustibuds.

The Acoustibuds are silicone adapters that fit over most earbuds and promise to make our on-the-go music listening easier. The flexible fins follow the shape of the ear canal and make the headphones stay put even when exercising, and they also promise to help increase noise cancellation and even to make the original earbuds sound better.


Thank you to everybody who voted, submitted, commented or told a friend. The randomly drawn winner of the $50 Amazon voucher is:

Doug ((iamsifidoug@))

Thanks again everybody and good luck with the next CGOTW contest on Friday.

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