FlashBay’s Nature Series USB Drive is hardwood yet eco-friendly

by Ally

Here’s a USB drive that manages to be CarbonNeutral.  It uses environmentally sustainable materials, so therefore there would be few that would call this anything but eco-friendly.  Yet, instead of using bamboo, this environmentally flash drive goes for European Maple.  I’m not saying because the drive uses wood that it’s not environmentally conscious.  It just, in my mind, would make sense to use a material that can easily be restored and quickly.

It does come from a PEFC certified source, making it legal and sustainable timber to use.  It’s entirely possible I’m just becoming to picky with my earth-friendly products.   Well this drive is highly customizable.  You can have your logo laser engraved onto it as well as having the ability to have the logo color printed on it.  The drive sizes range from 32MB to 8GB.  Since it does have so many different ways to customize it, you won’t know the price until you contact them or order the drive.

Source:  Gizmowatch

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Gary Says: January 28, 2009 at 1:03 pm

About as carbon neutral as a piece of coal. I hate eco-friendly, it is a misnomer. Environmentally sustainable materials and carbon neutral are not mutually exclusive. ESM just means something can be replanted or reused. Even more ESM would be to make it out of metal which is 100% recyclable. Make it out of old tin cans or soda cans; not only is that ESM but kinda kitch. Also, trees deplete the ground of nutrients needed to sustain plant life. So in cutting down 50 year old trees and planting new ones, you are depleting a region of its vital nutrients. Also when you mill a tree for products you release the CO2 that is stored in that tree back in to the enviroment. As far as carbon neutral, while I’m sure they get scrap ends of wood from some counter top makers or something the wood is still from Europe. As in it had to be shipped on a freighter or probably the wood goes from europe to china where they take huge pieces of wood and mill them down for one usb drive. It then gets sent to Norway or someplace to get engraved by Sven, then off to the america’s for distrabution. There is no carbon neutral! I have more but, back to work.

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