Laser putter perfect for straight greens, not much else

by James

It was inevitable that geeks who love golf would figure out a high tech way to try and help with a struggling putting game. Granted, there are other possible solutions, but when someone decided to attach a triple Argon Laser to a putter they may have forgotten that most greens have breaks in them and few are able to put in straight line to the hole. But that doesn’t prevent them from trying. And besides, it looks cool.

Powered by a single 9 volt battery, the triple argon lasers send out three beams which create a kind of lane for which the ball to travel upon putting. The center laser is positioned to go over the ball so as to prevent it from being blocked (which make one wonder what would be the point of it) the outside two provide the necessary lane markers with which to short put into the hole. And there is a simple on/off button in the handle. But budding Tiger Woods with a Cylon fetish need to remember that while this putter would work great on miniature golf courses that are flat and “carpety,” it won’t really help with the majority of greens that actually have bends and breaks in the line from ball to cup. But hey, it is cool looking.

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Don Says: January 27, 2009 at 3:16 pm

This Laser putter is a set-up and stroke training device, NOT a club you put in the bag and take to the course. It would seem if somebody thinks enough of his cheeky opinions to publish them for all to see, he’d at least have the sense to get the very basics of the matter he’s opining on correct. In other words, you’re a moron.

Don Says: January 28, 2009 at 10:56 pm

. . . but as a 10 second look at the website would reveal, this gizmo are not intended for play on the course, but rather: (1) training one’s eye to properly square up the putter face to the intended line (after reading the break), and (2) bring the putter face square into the ball at impact.

I’m not sure, but I doubt if this device would be legal for sanctioned play anyway. If it was, I would read the green the same as always, and use it to firm up the line, whether it’s 16″ left, 5″ right. This would be deadly for the shorted ones where speed mostly transcends break. However, where there’s a rising undulation between the ball and the cup, it would only be marginally useful OBVIOUSLY!

todd Says: October 18, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Re: LASERGOLFBALL Patent for license/sale by owner

What does the “LASERGOLFBALL” do? The device is such that it utilizes a laser within a putted golf ball that mechanically attached within a simple low-profile putting green platform (2 inches high) upon which the user stands. The golf ball utilized is a real “puttable” golf ball that emits an extremely accurate laser-dot from the putted golf ball immediately after it is putted. The laser-dot that is emitted from the golf ball is an “instant” representation of precisely where the golf ball was actually putted. Unlike conventional putting practice, the laser-dot represents the “actual” trajectory imposed upon it by the golfer and is NOT affected by the ground on-route to its intended target. This is crucial in that the user can now see precisely what “they” are doing to the ball – not the ground. This is NOT a useless laser device that emits a laser from a putter to indicate where one would “like” to putt a golf ball prior to putting. This device tells you what you want to know about your putting.

Why is it a valuable putting tool? Imagine the casual golfer/pro that thinks he/she knows of their true linear putting accuracy only to find out that the “ground-effects” upon the golf ball on-route to the hole has been obscuring subtle putting habits/characteristics of the golfer that were previously unknown due to this ground-interference. In addition, imagine having a putting device that instantly (while still in follow-through) shows the exact trajectory of the golf ball. This “instant visual result” is crucial as it connects the physical actions of your putting while it’s still “fresh” and directly-connected with the visual result of the putt (this develops proper “kinesthetic-perception”). Also, there is NO BALL CHASING because the golf ball does not leave the putting area: simply reset and putt, again and again. Not to mention that there are no dinged-up walls in the house, or pets chasing your putts because the ball goes nowhere – only the laser-dot travels.

Linear putting skill? A commonly overlooked fact is that “ALL PUTTS ARE LINEAR” regardless of the breaks/speeds/undulations within the greens. In other words, all putts are putted in a linear fashion to a point under the best possible control of the person doing the putting. Therefore, the skill of reading and compensating for the green is a completely separate consideration/skill. Therefore, it is paramount for the golfer to first discern and utilize a highly-refined sense of their true linear putting strengths before assessing other skills in putting…all putts are a linear affair.

Would it not be a blast to ask Tiger Woods to try this only to witness the fact that he pulls to the left or the right without His ever having known it? This is possible because the LASERGOLFBALL is equivalent to putting a golf ball on a perfectly smooth and level surface with a perfect golf ball! That’s right, and without having to actually having to acquire such a surface – anywhere will do. In other words, where the dot ends up is where YOU put the putt – NOT THE GROUND!

GAME applications: This device also incorporates (includes) “colored targets” that can be placed at multiple distances and positions from the putting area. Example: Red at 10 yards, Green at 18 yards, Green at 3 yards, all can be scattered anywhere in a room you wish to place them. Not only does this device provide unparalleled discernment of one’s accuracy, but it also doubles as an ADDICTIVE single/multi-player golf game. Ever play “Around-the World”, or Horse, or OUT in basketball? All of these popular games can be played with this device…game applications are limited only by the imagination. The reverse side of each target also contains playful pictures/caricatures: “Bulls eye“, “Canadian Geese“, “Gophers”, etc. Anecdote: I’ve seen much “putter grabbing” in haste for the claim that it‘s “My turn to try” when several buddies are over testing and playing with it.

I’ve produced many prototypes over the years and they have been tested. At this time I can provide the testimony of a well know and highly regarded golf pro whom has tested it himself. His name is Russ Holden, former caddie to Bernard Langer and also the founder of “Caddie for a Cure”.

If you are at all interested please contact me. I am looking to sell/license this entirely novel patented invention.

Todd Hamby

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