Paniq let’s you wear your iPod on your sleeve

by Mark R

I can think of dozens of reasons why it is inconvenient to travel with an iPod, and the ones that top my list involve cold weather. Let’s say it’s below freezing outside, and your iPod is safely tucked away in your coat pocket. If you want to control the volume or change a track, then you have to take off your gloves, unzip your pocket, and manipulate the buttons manually while exposing your naked hands to the cold.

That, or get yourself a Paniq. The Paniq is a two part system that starts with a tiny module that plugs into the end of your iPod. This module sends out a signal that wirelessly syncs with any number of Paniqmode’s interactive garments.

These garments are of varying styles including hoodies, jackets, and other fashions that I’m not familiar with. The company has teamed up with many famed fashion manufacturers including Zoo York, Killa, iQuantum, Celio, Balio, and Beucre.

Of course, what makes these clothes unique is that they all have six buttons on the sleeve that can control the iPod for Play/Pause, track changes, volume changes, even for controlling the phone.

The Paniq controller for the iPod is about $19.99. I’ve noticed that the clothes that are compatible with it are quite expensive. Most of them are over the $200 range. I guess comfort and good fashion costs.


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