Thanko’s USB Powered Lunchbox

by Mark R

On the night before I went to Vegas for CES, I ate some Chinese food. Of course, it is impossible to eat Chinese food without having leftovers, and so I took a paper bag full of leftovers so I could reheat them later. I figured that there would be a microwave in the hotel waiting room or in my room.

However, that didn’t appear to be the case, and so I had to throw away a perfectly good dinner or lunch because I simply didn’t have the means to heat it up. It’s like the old cartoon where the guy is stranded on a deserted island and finds a crate of canned food, but doesn’t have a can opener.

Now, if I had the USB powered lunchbox from Thanko, all I would need to do is plug it into my laptop, insert the food, and subject it to 140 degree temperatures. No food goes to waste, and I wouldn’t have to shell out more money at an over-priced Las Vegas restaurant.

This is also a lunchbox that allows an ordinary worker to heat their lunch without using the community microwave. That is a good thing, because no one cleans that usually outdated microwave anyway.

Something tells me this USB-powered lunchbox might be a bit harder to use than your average microwave, and might take some getting used to. I’m not certain if I would even try using microwave popcorn on it, because you know that awful smell it leaves when you overcook it. Still, you can’t beat the price at about $20.


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sly100100 Says: January 21, 2009 at 2:41 pm

This is kinda cool but i am skeptical about plugging such a power hog into my usb port. Of course I have seen ac/dc usb converters which might be a better choice. But still a cool thing.

neagle Says: January 21, 2009 at 6:39 pm

It is important to recognize that this device is not meant to re-thermalize food but, to hold food at 140 F which should be consumed with in three hours of heating/cooking. Left overs should be cooked to 160 F. The Danger zone for bacteria growth is above 141 F and lower then 140 F. It does not seem that this device would heat food fast enough through the danger zone to be safe. But, hey, it’s your gut. Also, if your trying to visit Vegas on the cheep try downtown for some reasonable priced buffets and eateries.

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