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GizMike from Gizmo-Central has managed to snag his hands on a pair of Zagg Z.buds audio earbuds and took it for a spin recently. Just to jog your memory in case you have heard of this familiar gizmo, we covered it last November, although the comments left in our post did not seem too favorable as users have complained about the plastic buds splitting in half, hopefully it is a one-off thing and a manufacturing issue that Zagg has managed to solve by now. GizMike uses his Z.buds mainly with the iPhone 3G for music, while phone calls come by as a “bonus”. Some claim the earbuds to be made out of cheap plastic, but GizMike says they feature pretty solid metal bodies, so perhaps Zagg has made positive changes to the initial run.

To summarize his review, the pros list is thankfully longer than the cons (as any product worth its salt should be), boasting ear comfort, great build quality, configurability, a decent price point, noise blocking capability and an iPhone compatible control pod. As for the brickbats, it does feel rather heavy when not configured properly, and holding conversations on the phone with noise blocking earphones does feel/sound a bit weird at first.

Last but not least, here’s GizMike’s take on the Zagg Z.buds in his very own words.

The Zagg Z.buds are normally $80 or so, but they currently have them on special for $65 which is a great deal in my opinion. You’re getting the sound quality of high-end earbuds for a reasonable mid-level price. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you’ll still be able to enjoy great sound, comfort and phone use. Check-out the Zagg Z.buds site for more information or to order.

Would you go out and make a purchase, or would you prefer to sit one the sidelines?


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N Stone Says: January 21, 2009 at 12:44 am

I purchased a pair for Christmas. They arrived with a short in the cord, right at the plug. I sent the headphones back in as soon as I got an email from them with a return number. (That took 4 days.) I am still waiting on my headset to be returned / replaced. While the headphones may be nice, Zagg’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. For the price, I expected better.

josh m Says: April 13, 2009 at 12:51 pm

Save your money, and the headache. I thought the Z.Buds from ZAGG looked like an innovative idea, so I bought a pair. After waiting several weeks for them to arrive (they were on backorder) I received them and immediately got hooked on the ’round the neck design. Kudos on a well-executed idea.
But after a few weeks of normal usage, I began to have problems with the 3.5mm connection. The nylon wrapper around the cord, which had been one of the primary selling points for me, dislodged from the 3.5mm connector and began sliding up and down the rubber cord. Soon after, the rubber nub that holds the cord in place at the 3.5mm connector also became dislodged. I was very disappointed.
I contacted customer service and was even more disappointed. They told me I could pay $20 under their “Lifetime Trade-In Guarantee” program and they’d fix or replace them. Six weeks into ownership, and just a few days past the return window, I was more than a little frustrated that they wanted $20 [after $80 for the headphones!] just to repair a defect resulting from poor workmanship. Needless to say, I declined.
The overall fit and finish feels a bit cheap. The plastics in the mic/button and volume control betray some corner-cutting, and the 3.5mm connector really poses some problems. Save your money.

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