The North Face’s Etip Gloves

by Ally

The North Face is a name that has always been associated with winter clothing for those that enjoy being out in the cold.  It’s never really been for those that may hate the cold, but still want to look pretty in it.  It’s more for the sporty outdoorsy type, not those like me that like to hide where it’s warm (I don’t do winter).  No these gloves aren’t exactly pretty, but they are touch screen friendly and they’ll keep you plenty warm.

There have been two different types of gloves that were made to work with the iPhone.  Neither of them really looked like they would be good for those that actually do things outside.  They were knit gloves that work great for those of us that only go outside to rush indoors again.  These North Face gloves have silicone gripper palms and work for cool or cold conditions.  They are functional with all of those gadgets that don’t want to cooperate with gloves, like the iPhone, iPod Touch, and anything with a click-wheel.  Unfortunately these are a bit pricey, you can pick them up for $40 on The North Face’s website.

Source:  bbgadgets

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someone Says: January 21, 2009 at 12:25 am

damn, id like to buy those, but they’re listed out of stock and no other retailer to find.

nbc Says: November 3, 2010 at 11:00 am

mine are complete destroyed after 1 winter.
even the neoprene got holes. not to mention the silver fabric.

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