Eee PC Keyboard Concept

by Mark R

Considering the popularity of the Eee PC netbooks, I’m sure there is a market for keyboards made especially for them. After all, not everybody has the small hands required for typing on those tiny keyboards.

Apparently, someone has decided to take the concept of netbook keyboards even further with this new Eee PC Keyboard. Not only can it be connected to a display via wireless HDMI or VGA, but it can actually be used as a computer itself. The little square that you see to the right of the keys is not a touchpad, but a five-inch touchscreen display.

That’s right, it is a PC keyboard in every sense of the word. Sadly, my sources don’t have a lot of details as far as the specs go on this product, because it is still in the prototype stage. Therefore, it is not a matter of when this product will be released, but if.

You’re probably wondering: “Oh come on, can I really do everything on my PC with this tiny little display?” I would imagine that if this little guy could get Wi-Fi, you could probably check your e-mail. Then again, you should probably do that from your smartphone.

I suppose this would be a terrific device for word processing, if you like the feeling of a full-sized keyboard. However, I’m used to looking up at my screen when I type, not down at the keys. That’s just Typing 101.


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