Zirconia RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones


Do you travel a lot and keep yourself entertained with music, movies and video games? Chances are your trusty travel companions would include an iPod or some other portable media player and a handheld console like the PSP or Nintendo DS. Well, having a great pair of headphones would go a long way in enhancing your traveling experience, and the Zirconia RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones could possibly fulfill that criteria. Dubbed to be the first high fidelity in-ear headphones made of Zirconia in the world, Panasonic will roll out the RP-HJE900 sometime this spring.

Designed with the expertise of Technics sound engineers, these premium in-ear headphones are made with Zirconia to give audiophiles pure sound in a durable and stylish design. A sound chamber made of Zirconia has less resonance than plastic or aluminum. As a result, the RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones deliver ultra-clear sound reproduction with virtually no distortion. In addition to realistic sound, the durability of Zirconia offers audiophiles a scratchproof, ultra-tough construction for a lifetime of use. They even have detachable wires which can be replaced if they fray, as the Zirconia headphones outlast wires in the long run. The RP-HJE900 in-ear headphones are constructed with Neodymium magnet for rich and powerful sound. They boast an impressive frequency response of 6Hz-26kHz for realistic sound with precision highs and rich low end. They have a sound pressure sensitivity of 100dB, impedance of 26 Omega and 12.5mm drivers. The cord also has a slider to prevent tangling.

Sounds like a pretty luxurious pair of headphones to own. Let’s have a little science class at the moment – Zirconia is actually a white crystalline oxide of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2), and is one tough cookie as it boasts the properties of an extremely durable substance which can withstand extreme temperatures. Just how is it able to stand up against the environment it is in? Well, zirconia has been used as a thermal barrier coating in jet turbine and diesel engines for starters, and you know just how hot those things can get when operating. Panasonic has taken a rather businesslike approach with the RP-HJE900 Zirconia Audiophile In-Ear Headphones since it will come in only black or white colors, so those who want to welcome spring as they’re released for $229.99 will be disappointed to know it won’t feature fresh bright colors to go along with the occasion.

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