The TG341S Solar LED Flashlight II Small

by Ally

Different eco-friendly flashlights have been seen before.  The ones I have seen most often are the hand crank type, which never seem to be as bright as I’d like.  Well instead of being stuck with a hand crank that after 20 minutes of cranking, you get a few miniscule minutes of light, you could go for the solar route.  Having a solar flashlight is a lot more convenient, since you can lay it in a windowsill and forget about it.  Then when you do need a flashlight, it’s all charged and ready to go.

You also aren’t stuck changing out batteries all the time with this solar light.  When you lay this out in the sun for 8 hours, it’ll give you 4 hours of light.  Apparently this will give you 100,000 hours of lifetime.  The flashlight uses LED lights and is made of a durable alloy aluminum, which is rust resistant and waterproof.  Making it ideal for camping or when you have an emergency situation of some kind.  It’s also fairly cheap, which is always good.  You can pick up the Solar LED Flashlight II Small for $19.95 on Gadget Universe.

Source: TechChee

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YSC Says: January 20, 2009 at 12:50 am

If this is made in China, than I’ve reservation. I’ve got those hand-crank type, but it doesn’t charge any batteries that is in the device.

In fact, it uses those button batteries and make it looks like it has been charged up after all those cranking. That is until the batteries dies off. Then no matter how long you crank, there will not be any stored energy. Big rip-off.

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