Ninja USB Drive sneaks off in the night

by Ally

If you have issues losing your USB drives, then I wouldn’t pick this one up.  These little ninjas have a mind of their own and they know how to act stealthy.  They’re sure to wander off just when you need them.  Those pesky ninjas in they’re ninja pajamas are never where you left them.  Luckily they have short arms and a hole in their head to attach them to you.  They’ll never be able to escape your keychain with those stubby little arms.

These cute little gadgets come in a male and female form, the male is obviously the black one and the female is purple (if you thought that was pink, don’t feel bad, so did I).  For being a girl, the purple ninja has some serious eyebrows on her.  Apparently ninjas don’t get into the prissy girl habit of plucking your eyebrows.  These come with 2GB of storage and can be purchased for $15 from USB Geek.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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