Baguni washer and hamper combination

by Ally

Doing laundry when you’re single can be a royal pain.  Especially when it comes to those pesky white clothes.  Most people do one of two things, they either buy a bunch of white towels and other white linens to make it easier to make a full white load or there’s always the stereotypical guy move.  Take everything, dump it in, dump in what seems like a fair amount of soap and run the load.  For those that aren’t so worried about sorting clothing out, you’ll love this new concept washer that makes things even more simple for you.

Throughout the week, just toss your clothing into the pretty blue clothing basket.  Then once the basket is full, just put basket and all into the washer.  It wouldn’t really be all that ideal for those that sort.  That is unless you just keep a second basket out for your white clothing that you just toss into the basket after doing a dark load.  The concept is nice because it keeps you from having to dig through the dirty laundry.  Plus it’ll be easier to guesstimate when it’s time to do some laundry, since you can just glance at the basket and tell when it’s full.  It’s a design by Jihyung Jung, who could probably make a fortune off of singles and college students.

Source: OhGizmo

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