Skullcandy’s Pipe iPod Dock with speakers

by Ally

Normally I really enjoy the products that come from Skullcandy. However, this latest product, that made its appearance at CES, is one that I don’t like as much as the rest. It’s not that it has inferior sound quality, although I doubt it’s anything to write home about. It’s more the color combination shown here that bothers me. It just comes off as overly cheesy. Granted, they of course offer other color combinations, however, those tend to lean towards the bland end of things.

Which means you’re either stuck with a rainbow colored Pipe that would make Rainbow Brite proud, or you go for the boring black or gray. The device itself keeps things to a minimum. It only has a power button on the back and then volume control on the front. Which means it’s going to have nice clean lines. It also has a remote control that has the typical controls to skip songs and that sort of thing. It can be plugged into the wall by using the power brick, or you can hook it up to 4 AA batteries. Either way would work fine to power up this 5.2Watt speaker. It’s a nice compact size at 35mm in diameter, it comes in 5 different designs (so far online I’ve only seen three) and it will be sold for $69.95.

Source: ChipChick

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