The Flower Power Wall Charger

by Ally

Everyone has to deal with organizing all the gadgets that need charged up.  It doesn’t even have to be that you have a large gadget family.  Even one person can stack up plenty of gadgets to cause a bit of chaos with all the chargers.  Well if you’re looking for an organizer, somehow I doubt you had envisioned something like this.  It’s not that I hate it so much I think no person could desire it, it’s more that it’s so odd, I don’t even know how the designer got the idea.

It is a cute idea for a young girl or even just a woman that loves quirky design.  The shelf has three holes to plug your gadgets into.  Which isn’t a ton, but it’s enough for your iPod, cellphone and one other electronic device.  The chargers then plug into a 6-outlet power strip that is hidden within the shelf.  The main power cord is concealed behind the stem that runs down your wall.  With the 6 outlets, if you were really desperate you could squeeze more gadgets onto the shelf.  You can pick the flower up for $99.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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