Airline Passenger Restraint Device


Gillen Industries is proud to bring us its latest device – the Airline Passenger Restraint Device. This nifty little gizmo is meant to assist the airline industry when it comes to controlling unruly passengers. We’re not too sure whether the Hulk is able to remain shackled in these, but we suppose even a testosterone-laden WWE superstar will find it hard to squirm his way out of this. After all, the Airline Passenger Restraint Device is made from high-strength materials with an innovative design that allows airline employees to quickly and safely restrain individuals who pose a danger to themselves or other passengers during a flight. Relying on heavy duty, rip-stop nylon mesh fabric and reinforced with auto-type seat belt material, the Airline Passenger Restraint Device will restrict upper-body mobility while still allowing for total airflow so that suffocation and heat exhaustion won’t pose a risk. At least this is safer than a taser on-board, eh.

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Bob Says: February 8, 2009 at 7:29 pm

So how do you get them to put it on?

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