The Canine Treadmill for dog fanatics

by Ally

I’m fairly sure I have the most indoor dog that was ever created.  He wants to be outside long enough to do his business and then wants back inside.  Which means the overactive little guy is getting out all of his pent up puppy energy indoors.  That of course can be maddening at times.  So if someone were to state that only a crazy person would buy their dog a treadmill, I would without hesitation agree.  When you have a hyper dog indoors though, frankly, you’re already a bit out of your mind.

I would be worried my mentally challenged pup would hurt himself on this thing.  However, if you think your dog can handle it, it takes only 45 minutes per day.  The rubber belt is sturdy and will be gentle on your dog’s paws.  It also features side rails, which are supposed to keep your dog’s attention forward.  Although, I question how effective they would actually be.  Like a normal treadmill it has a safety on and off switch.  You are also able to adjust the speed, distance and incline to make sure your dog gets plenty worn out.  The treadmills come in three different sizes ranging in prices from $549 to $899.

Source: Bornrich

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Chris Says: January 2, 2009 at 1:14 pm

Damn! That’s pricey, just hit a used sports good store and buy a real treadmill for a lot less. Or uh…walk the dog? I think a leash is only a couple bucks.

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