Apple Rumors fast and furious before MacWorld

by James

There’s a host of Apple rumors hitting the Net today. Everything from a budding, oversized iPod Touch to the imminent demise of Apple Guru Steve Jobs as being the true reason why no keynote from Cupertino are flying around faster and harder than a rubber ball on a racquet ball court But the question is, do these rumors – which are all too often wrong – make any sense? Let’s take a look.

The first major rumor is the one we should get out of the way first … is there a deathwatch on Apple founder Steve Jobs? Face it, ever since Jobs had his cancer surgery and lost enough weight to make him look like a trendy holocaust survivor, the talk has been over whether Jobs is not long for this world. This has largely been fueled by the apparent lack of an heir apparent when it’s time for Jobs to step away. One such rumor released the latter half of 2008 caused Apple stock to drop because it appeared on a CNN website for citizen journalism. Then, in December, Apple announces that it is pulling out of MacWorld. Their justification? Apple has specialized events that get the same amount of press and as such, MacWorld has simply become redundant. Maybe, maybe not. With Jobs spending less and less time announcing product and giving the limelight to other members of the team, could Apple be preparing for the worst? At this point, it’s just idle speculation.

Another rumor is an oversized, iPod Touch with 7” screen. Could this be Steve Jobs swan song? A netbook that’s more iPod and with a MacTablet flair tossed in? Now this could be truly exciting.

Rumors have been around for nearly a decade about getting a Mac Tablet PC going, but with the latest netbook craze, and the iPod touch’s multi touch interface being patented for larger applications, an oversized iPod Touch netbook would surely set the mobile world on fire again.

iMovie is going into the cloud … says Computerworld, who reports that Cupertino is going to take the popular video editing program online in a completely redesigned next incarnation. Cloud computing is big, as is the youTube movement and online video editing is around, but frankly, this is the least sexy of all the rumors going around. It’s a true “well d’uh” moment.

Then there’s the Mac mini meets Time capsule rumor which fanboys s could breathe new life into the Mini after rumor’s of it’s imminent demise and rumors of a comeback. Rumors, rumors, rumors.

One thing is for sure, with all these rumors going around, will MacWorld be anything but boring? And is that the plan all along, and which Apple exec is going to get fired for leaking the disinformation?

Hat Tip – Gizmodo Crave, and Computer World

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