Time, and money, almost out on DTV Converter Coupon program

by James

By Congressional standards, the Digital Television Converter Voucher program has been a roaring success. So much so that the program may run out of voucher coupons limit by the first week of January nearly a month before the February 17, 2009 transition deadline. Congress appropriated $1.34-billion for converter box vouchers to help absorb the cost of the mandatory digital handover. And nearly all of it has been handed out, which is not surprising considering that the program received 1.5 million requests for vouchers per week. So time, and available money are running out fast.

The rules of the program state, that once the entire fund has been exhausted in sent out vouchers, no further requests will be honored, unless the vouchers go unspent. Any funds left unspent will be redirected to new vouchers which will be released as funds allow. This means that those waiting until the very last minute to make their request may have to wait and see if any funds are leftover from unused voucher coupon cards.

The cards, which provide for $40 towards an analog to digital converter, can be used to purchase any of 60 models of boxes with a price range of between $40 and $100. Will Congress move to approve additional funding? With the bailout, and unused vouchers still needing to be accounted for, it would seem unlikely. So if you want one, you better hurry and request one now.

Hat Tip – Reuters

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