The Lighted Garden Nozzle for late night gardeners

by Ally

Most that enjoy gardening have likely heard that it’s better to water your plants late in the evening rather than during the day.  However, if you aren’t the best at gardening just yet or you’re just so busy that you tend to forget, often night can sneak up on you.  Which leaves you the choice of waiting till the next day to water your plants or attempt to wander out in the dark.  Well if it’s difficult to find your way around the yard at night, this contraption might come in handy.

It’s a regular universal-fit pistol grip spray with rain spray, it just happens to have the extra perk of an LED bulb built into it.  Which would give you light and free up one of your hands.  That would also make it easier to prune where it’s needed.  The Lighted Garden Nozzle takes only two AA batteries to keep the LED light working.  It will cost you $12.49 from Restoration Hardware.

Source: GeekAlerts

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