The Space Invaders Headphones

by Ally

There was a bit of talk about these Space Invaders Headphones over the summer, but sadly as of then they weren’t released.  We were once again forced to wait, which is always torture.  Well now they are finally being sold.    Which means you can show your love for the vintage game while you’re out and about listening to music, likely trying to block out the sound of the general public.

The headphones come in two different color combinations.  One being black and white, and the other is pink, black and white.   Which is nice that they added in that color combination for the gaming chicks that enjoy their pink accessories.  These of course aren’t going to have spectacular sound, they’ll work just fine.  However, it’s by no means nothing to brag about.  Anyone that managed to get a pre-order in, will soon be receiving their set of headphones since they have already shipped out.  If you’re interested in picking up your own it will cost you $25.90.

Source: GeekAlerts

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