iGo to introduce a bevy of new products at CES 2009


iGo is no stranger when it comes to accessories for notebooks as well as mobile electronic devices, with chargers being one of their main forte. This time round, we receive news that this company will be making an appearance at CES next month for the first time in its corporate history, and to celebrate that momentous occasion, they will be introducing seven new products there. One of the seven will be the first green notebook charger in the world that helps do away with vampire power so that you can start to save more without having to unplug your adapter from the power socket whenever you’re not working. More details coming right after the jump.

iGo Power Products with iGo Green Technology not only help you save energy but money as well simply by significantly reducing the amount of power used by devices in off or standby modes. All iGo power products with Green Technology automatically consume 80% less standby power compared to standard power products, which is a whole lot if you’re running a huge office building. Three of the Green Technology products debuting are :-

  • iGo Laptop Charger: Charge your laptop and other devices from any standard wall outlet, including automatic shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power
  • iGo Surge Protector: An eight outlet surge protector with shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power
  • iGo Wall Outlet: A wall outlet with automatic shut-off and recovery

Also out to make a splash are new iGo netbook chargers that target those who travel frequently as well as folks who remain glued to their netbooks at home or at the office for hours on end, as it is also able to juice up an extra device simultaneously. Premium accessories being prepped for launch include :-

  • iGo international travel adapter: Universal design covers more than 150 countries with US/UK/EU/AU plugs. Plus integrated USB outlet allows for charging devices
  • iGo multi card reader: Convenient 39-in-1 design reads and writes virtually any memory card format and includes integrated USB and native microSD slot
  • iGo laptop cleaning kit: Premium cleaning kit with six tools to safely clean your laptop and other devices

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