The Bula Lex Earphone Cap

by Ally

If you’ve been liking all of the beanies with the built-in headphones, then here’s another style for you.  This one comes a little lower on the ears to make sure that your ears don’t freeze this winter, but you can still hear your music just fine.  Now as always you could just wear earbuds and put a cap on over it, there’s probably not a ton of difference.  Although I imagine this would simplify things a little and make sure everything stays in the proper place.  There are few things quite as obnoxious as an earbud that keeps falling out of your ear.

I imagine the built-in headphones aren’t going to be top of the line or anything.  However, they’ll probably still be at least a decent set.  As for the cap itself it has a high-bulk knit shell fabric on the outside and Polartec Classic 100 lining on the inside.  Which is sure to keep your head and ears warm while you’re listening to your tunes.  You can pick the Bula Lex Earphone Cap up for $39.99 on Amazon.

Source: Technabob

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