i-LIMB hand prosthetic solution for California woman


Nice to know that technology has progressed to a point where prosthetics are no longer there to make one look “complete”, as the i-LIMB Hand from Touch Bionics holds the distinction of being the first fully-articulating and commercially-available bionic hand in the world, featuring an innovative selective compression-stabilization interface system that allows one to live a somewhat normal life – at least one that is much more productive compared to the use of just one hand. Let us take a look at the i-LIMB Hand in greater detail right after the jump.

The i-LIMB Hand has been touted to be a breakthrough for upper extremity prosthetics, and it recently picked up a nomination for being the top invention for the year by TIME magazine. All five digits are individually powered, offering the wearer a umch higher level of dexterity while enabling the wearer to open and close around objects in much more natural and secure manner as they are able to conform to the shape of the object. Wearer Boston is ecstatic at receiving the i-LIMB Hand, and here’s what she has to say about it. “My new arm is the best thing to happen to me! Words cannot describe this renewed feeling of independence that I have. Having lost my arm at such a young age, I was never able to do the simplest of things without assistance, like tying my shoes or holding my purse. I can’t wait to go shopping; usually I need someone to help me carry my bags while I look around or I would have to leave the bags on the floor. Now I can shop and carry on my own! You get so used to modifying the way you do things, I sometimes forget that I can do things normally, or at least like I used to. I feel free. This is the best holiday gift ever.”

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