The Magic 8 Ball USB Drive

by Ally

In our adult lives, there isn’t much room for a Magic 8 ball anymore.  Granted, I’m pretty sure I still have one around here somewhere anyway.  However, they do tend to make you look a bit less like an adult.  Well if you need a USB drive for your business, now you can pick up a USB drive with a Magic 8 Ball on the end.  If you are wanting to hand out the USB drives then it’s sure to stand out in the mind of anyone that picks one up.

USB drives given out by businesses are usually forgettable and dull.  If you’re trying to make a name for yourself then you need something a little more memorable.  The US Branding Group always have a variety of cool USB drives that you can stamp your company or organization name on.  I’d say this one is my new favorite though.  The USB drive gives the usual Magic 8 Ball responses, like “Ask again later” and several others.  You can go to the Branding Group site to order some.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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