Rossignol Hit Jacket keeps Jack Frost away

by Mark R

Now that the weather is getting progressively colder where I live, I’m starting to have bad memories of waiting in the cold for the school bus. Back then, I prayed for some sort of electric coat that could keep me warm while I was waiting for that big yellow monster to pick me up.

It appears that someone has answered my prayers twenty years later as Rossingnol, a company most famous for its skiing products, has invented the Hit Jacket to beat the cold. Rossingol owes its adjustable heating system to a German company called NOVONIC, who put 4 heating panels into the lining of this coat. There are two of these panels in the back of the Hit Jacket, and two in the front.

Of course, this leads to the question as to what powers said panels: a removable rechargeable battery that can plug into the wall. Once it is fully charged, it can provide 20 minute warming cycles at six times per day. Those 120 minutes might not be too long, but if something can give you even just a little bit more warmth, then it is worth it.

Of course, you should probably ask if it is worth the price of the Hit Jacket, as it costs about $700.


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