Plug-in-Shelf Cell Phone Charging Station


If you have at least five people in your nuclear family, you surely can identify with the clutter gained from cell phones and cell phone charger cords around power outlets at common living areas. Some of us even carry two cell phones to add to the mess, and it can get very overwhelming at times, even more so when you return home from a stressful day at work. Well, here’s the Plug-in-Shelf Cell Phone Charging Station to help ease your troubles, being a convenient new cell phone accessory that plugs into any power outlet that is easy to remove whenever you need to travel. What makes this special is, it does away with the tangles of cell phone charger cord clutter from counters and tables for a much neater and orderly look.

This interesting and smart problem solver will place all your cell phones, chargers and cords on a tiny convenient station that is hooked up to a power outlet, where the shelf holds the phone while a cord holder will keep the charging cord away from sight with the unique plug adapter being plugged in your existing charger. You won’t need to stow away the charger when it is not in use since it can always remain with the charging station even when you hit the road. A skid-free pad is there to make sure your cell phone (or an equivalent charging device) remains there during an accidental knock, and it is made out of durable plastic to stand up to the rigors of everyday life.

You can pick up the Plug-in-Shelf Cell Phone Charging Station for $12.95 as that price includes free shipping, and it makes for a great Christmas present for mom who’s always house proud and wish the men in her life could be a little bit neater, even if it comes to just charging one’s cell phones.

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