FileBound Express helps ease your document search woes


USA-ONE Interactive has recently rolled out its brand new FileBound Express, and what looks like some sort of rugged external hard drive is but an all-in-one document management search appliance where businesses can connect to, instantly offering new organization, accessibility and security to office information systems. This is somewhat akin to Google’s Search Appliance that comes with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), making it “the ideal solution for medium-sized companies that desire fast and secure access to information through a system that they own outright” – at least that’s what the manufacturer claims it does. Best of all is, there are no monthly fees to grapple with (important in these times of economic meltdown) with no per document charges to boot. All you need to do is purchase one of these puppies, connect an unlimited number of users and store up to 2 million documents of any type. Perfect for business owners who want a suitable storage solution for their data and documents without having to transmit them over the Internet.

The FileBound Express is easy and simple to use, so expect productivity to increase when you’ve installed this in your organization. It comes with an easy-to-use search box that places organized information instantly at one’s fingertips. Getting started is a snap, as you have the benefit of an on-screen set-up wizard to help you along, resulting in just a couple of clicks required to find find a document, file a document or circulate an item. You have the benefit of owning an unlimited number of cabinets, folders and dividers within the company, and since everything is more organized than your local library (we hope), you won’t waste time searching for information and documents you need. Also, there are varying levels of access in order to keep the more sensitive documents away from prying eyes.

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