Orbita could change mice as we know it

by Mark R

I always like it when someone tries to change the tradition of the computer mouse, and the Orbita Mouse by the Cyber E Sport company is one of the most interesting attempts that I have seen in a while.

The Orbita has a dial control that works as both a vertical and horizontal scroller. What makes it different from other scrolling mice is that scrolling is smooth, not jerky. Why is it that pages scroll up and down one jerk at a time, anyway?

You might notice an absence of left and right click buttons, but Orbita has them in a non-traditional form. The left click is that big button there, but the right click is executed by squeezing the mouse at any place and angle.

Optima’s unique rotation will allow three-dimensional computer animation modelers a third axis to work with, making it easier to do their job. The circular construction of the Orbita will also help recording artists, as most recording software use knobs and dials for their work, so why not have a mouse that is similar in design?

The Orbita is planned to be released in January 2009 for a price of $98.50, which includes a wireless USB base.


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