SageTV releases SageTV HD Theater


SageTV has just released its SageTV HD Theater, a full HD capable networked media player that allows you to groove to just about any home video, music or photo across your home network in full HD glory on your HDTV. Just make sure that your flat panel display supports full HD resolution, otherwise all that hard work by the SageTV HD Theater would have gone to waste. In addition, you will be able to enjoy internet video from YouTube as well as other popular online video services which can be browsed, searched and played over the SageTV HD Theater. Setting up the SageTV HD Theater is a snap, all you need to do is hook up the HD Theater to your HDTV, followed by connecting it to your home network and you’re good to go.

For those who do not own a home network near the TV, you can always settle for something lesser like any USB storage. In addition, just about any NAS with Windows or Mac compatible networking or UPnP are good to go with the SageTV HD Theater. The SageTV HD Theater is also compatible with the entire home HDTV DVR solution as long as you run SageTV Media Center software on any PC, Mac or Linux computer equipped with a HDTV Tuner on the home network. When coupled together, the SageTV Media Center and the SageTV HD Theater will work in tandem as a high performance HD Media Extender, offering a rich, animated whole home DVR and Media Center experience complete with full season recording. The entire range of videos, music, photos, TV Tuners and Internet video from the SageTV Media Center system are readily accessible whenever the SageTV HD Theater is used as a HD Media Extender.

You can pick up the SageTV HD Theater and all the relevant accessories for $199.95.

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