Sharper Image rolls out SoundBag


The Sharper Image has recently released a backpack that takes an unconventional route – and I don’t mean that by you bringing it to some remote area where nobody has passed by before. Dubbed the “SoundBag,” this high end backpack was specially designed to transform the listening experience for commuters, travelers and digital music lovers. You will be able to find it at select department stores to further confuse you as to what to purchase this Christmas for the resident tech guru in your home, as the Sharper Image SoundBag comes with the latest flat panel sound technology and durable design from The EnE Group.

With the SoundBag, you are able to experience superior surround sound anywhere you are. Inside, you are able to store and connect just about any portable digital device, ranging from MP3 players as well as Apple’s iPod and iPhone units, to its patented flat panel speaker that not only blends in with the backpack without sticking out like a sore thumb, it can also be detached and used independently as and where the need arises. The flat panel speaker won’t bog you down since it is exceptionally light and thin form factor and is made entirely out of fabric, rendering it virtually undetectable within the SoundBag’s sleek design.

The SoundBag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that stores the portable device, and good thing Sharper Image has the common sense to include a 3.5mm mini-plug that hooks up most media players to the speaker, complete with a protective clear covering that enables access to the player’s controls without having to remove it. It is also a bonus to see the detachable speaker come with a built-in stand and auxiliary input, allowing users to play other audio sources including portable DVD players and notebooks. A trio of AA batteries can offer anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of continuous audio playback before you replace them, and I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries if you’re going to spend long hours with this. The Sharper Image SoundBag will retail for $99 and will come in several colors. Image courtesy of Gadget Review.

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