Gift Ideas for the Handyman


Here are a few coolest gadget gift ideas for the handy man or woman.

Ultimate Package Opener – $7.98

Ultimate Package Opener

Plastic “Clamshell” Package Opener safely cuts through any size or shape product packaging in seconds! Even the awkward plastic “clamshell” curves of electronic, cosmetic and toy packages are no match! No longer use harmful knives, break nails, or chip teeth trying to access contents.

The Ultimate Package Opener is available from Taylor Gifts for $7.98.


Swiss Tech Multi-Tool – $8.95

Swiss Tech Multi-Tool

These impossibly tiny multi-tools will soon become an indispensable take-everywhere item, alongside your keys, wallet, cell phone and SpongeBob Pez dispenser (what, haven’t you got one?). Because let’s be honest, carrying around a full-size toolbox wherever you may roam is impractical, not to mention pretty weird.

The Swiss Tech Multi-Tool is available from Firebox for $8.95.


MagnoGrip – $14.99


The MagnoGrip is a magnetic wristband guaranteed to securely hold nails, screws, drill bits, fasteners and tools. It allows professionals and do-it yourselfers to finish jobs in less time and with less frustration. The magnogrip is built to handle the most rugged of jobs. Its fabric construct consists of durable heavy duty canvas, industrial grade velcro and high-powered magnets that are strong enough to hold a hammer

The MagnoGrip is available from Think Geek for $14.99.


BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool – $19.99

BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool

The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool is 12-in-1 unit featuring a built-in hand crank, so you can generate power when you need, wherever you need it. Never worry about batteries for your flashlight or radio. Never worry about charging your cell phone and MP3 player. The flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm help to protect you from harm – at home, while biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating. If you get lost, the compass and signaling mirror can help you find your way or lead others to find you.

The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool is available from Think Geek for $19.99.


8-Inch Auto Wrench Adjusting Wrench – $19.99

8-Inch Auto Wrench Adjusting Wrench

Manually adjusting a wrench to fit particular nuts and bolts can be a real hassle, especially in tight spaces. Enter Black & Decker’s battery-powered Auto Wrench, a phenomenally handy tool that opens and closes with the push of a button. Boasting 220 foot-pounds of torque, this wrench is powerful enough to handle most household tasks, from car repair to fixing leaks.

The Auto Wrench is not meant to replace specialty tools like pipe or torque wrenches, but the jaws open wide enough (up to 1-1/4-inch) so that it could conceivably replace a range of manual wrenches sitting in your toolkit. This is an ideal product for someone looking to buy a wrench that’s both easy to use and versatile. At 8-inches, you could toss it in the silverware drawer and whip it out when you need it.

The 8-Inch Auto Wrench Adjusting Wrench is available from Amazon for $19.99.


Auto LED – $24.99

Auto LED

It’s just big enough to sit in your cigarette lighter and trickle charge off of your car’s electrical system. All the while, emitting a soft blue glow. When you need a quick light to highlight that road map, or to track down that errant french-fry that fell beneath the seat (just let it go, man), this little guy is Johnny-on-the-spot.

The Auto LED is available from Think Geek for $24.99.


Power Welder – $29.95

Power Welder

Discover the power to make and create with the tool that safely welds plastic to plastic.

-Make 3 fun projects – dinosaur, plane and car
– Safely welds plastic to plastic
– A hands-on way for kids to learn about welding
– Includes templates, welding rods and re-usable pieces

Weld a design, break it, then reuse the pieces to weld something else! Non-stop fun and learning the hands-on way.

The Power Welder is available from Discovery for $29.95.


Leatherman 830039 – $93.00

Leatherman 830039

The most popular full-size Leatherman tool is now better than ever. Larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters and all-locking blades make the new Wave an essential piece of equipment for any job or adventure. The pliers have been redesigned to withstand more than double the previous squeezing load, and the new bronze bushing makes one-handed knife access a smooth operation — plus, the one-at-a-time blade selection function means that the tool you want is the tool you get. The versatile Wave comes with a durable and attractive leather sheath.

The Leatherman 830039 is available from Amazon for $93.00.


Handyman’s Chrome-Vanadium Tool Set (124-piece w/ Cordless Drill). – $329.95

Handyman's Chrome-Vanadium Tool Set (124-piece w/ Cordless Drill).

This 124-piece tool set contains all the tools needed by a handyman. Made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel, a metal compound stronger and more rust-resistant than carbon steel, the tools are housed in a sturdy, well-organized portable case, secured with elastic straps, and five pliable foam dividers protect the tools. Set includes the following chrome vanadium tools: six metric combination wrenches, six SAE combination wrenches, one adjustable wrench, one needlenose pliers, one slipjoint pliers, one tongue-and-groove pliers, 41 piece socket set with ratchet, four nutdrivers, and 16 hex keys.

The Handyman’s Chrome-Vanadium Tool Set (124-piece w/ Cordless Drill). is available from Hammacher for $329.95.


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mississauga handyman Says: August 31, 2010 at 1:52 pm

I especially like the magno grip, that magnetic wristband you were when you are removing screws, nuts and washers and need a quick place to have them stored while you are working on whatever you are doing and being able to find them easily and put them back.

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