Gift Ideas for the Frequent Traveller


Have a friend or family member that seems to be away more than they are at home, surprise them and show you care with a travel related gadget.

OHSO Pocket Toothbrush – $17.99

OHSO Pocket Toothbrush

OHSO was engineered to be the ultimate travel toothbrush. Besides looking good the OHSO is useful and durable. Toothpaste is stored in the handle for safekeeping and the window shows you how much paste is in the chamber. Turn the knob clockwise and paste is dispensed though the rubber nozzle on the bristle head. Tilt down and paste is delivered directly to the bristles.

The OHSO Pocket Toothbrush is available from Think Geek for $17.99.


Digital Luggage Scale – $19.99

Digital Luggage Scale

The Digital Luggage Scale allows you to pack smarter and avoid paying overweight luggage fees. With an easy-to-read digital display, you can lift up to 100lbs (or 44 Kg), wait for the beep, set the luggage down and read the weight.

The Digital Luggage Scale is available from Think Geek for $19.99.


Universal Power Adapter – $19.99

Universal Power Adapter

Worry no more, ’cause this power adapter lets you plug your device into four different kinds of outlets – British, European, Japanese, and Australasia. Check out the complete country list below to know just how good we are. Yeah, I know. We’re impressive – we try to not let it go to our heads.

The Universal Power Adapter is available from Think Geek for $19.99.


Digital WiFi Detector – $69.95

Digital WiFi Detector

As its name suggests, this pocket-sized device sniffs out the presence of Wi-Fi wherever you may roam. So far, so obvious.

But here’s the twist: as well as detecting a signal and indicating its strength in a matter of seconds, this ingenious box of tricks also displays essential network info, including network ID (SSID), encryption status (WEP and WPA) and channel. And when multiple networks are present you can scroll through info for each individual network.

The Digital WiFi Detector is available from Firebox for $69.95.


GPS Homing Device – $79.95

GPS Homing Device

This is the simplest portable GPS locating device available, ideal for finding your car after shopping, returning to a favorite spot on the beach, or returning to camp. Simply push a button to mark your current location and the device points the way back. Nearly the size of a drink coaster, the compact receiver fits easily on a keychain, in a pocket, or in a purse. Unlike typical GPS units that are highly complex, this one only has two buttons: one for power, another for setting your starting point and two other destinations. It uses an advanced GPS receiver chipset that provides a high degree of accuracy–within five yards–in urban canyons or heavily forested environments thanks to its superior Time To First Fix for locating and locking onto satellite signals. It counts down the distance (in yards, miles, meters, or kilometers) as you approach your starting point and its self-calibrating digital compass displays your heading in degrees and indicates direction with an easy-to-read arrow.

The GPS Homing Device is available from Hammacher for $79.95.


FlareSafe – $84.95


The ingenious 3-in-1 FlareSafe is destined to become an essential travelling companion for all you safety-conscious, off-the-beaten-track-types. Because as well as functioning as a powerful LED flashlight, this revolutionary device is also an optical smoke detector and a distress alarm. Clever, eh?

The FlareSafe is available from Hammacher for $84.95.


Priority Pass – ~$100

Prority Padd
Not a gadget exactly but lets you play with you gadgets in comfort whilst waiting around in airports.

Enjoy a drink from the stylish lounge bar, catch-up on the news or simply relax in peaceful surroundings, away from the crowded terminal. Use the state-of-the-art facilities to fine-tune that presentation, check your email or just browse the internet in the comfort of a VIP lounge.

The Priority Pass is available from Priority Pass for ~$100.


Talking 14 Language Portable Translator – $199.95

Talking 14 Language Portable Translator

This is the portable device that articulates 32,200 phrases and 280,000 words into any one of 14 languages. At the touch of a button, you can access translations for pre-programmed words or travel phrases in English (uses the New Oxford American English Dictionary), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, and Portuguese

The Talking 14 Language Portable Translator is available from Hammacher for $199.95.


Amazon Kindle eBook – $359

Amazon Kindle eBook

Thanks to electronic paper, a revolutionary new display technology, reading Kindle’s screen is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper—and nothing like the strain and glare of a computer screen. Kindle is also easy on the fingertips. It never becomes hot and is designed for ambidextrous use so both “lefties” and “righties” can read comfortably at any angle for long periods of time.

The Amazon Kindle eBook is available from Hammacher for $359.


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