FunWeigh Joking Scale for some laughs


You can’t be serious all your life, or you’ll probably end up in your grave much earlier than your peers. Well, here’s one way to lighten up the mood in your home during the upcoming festive season – with the FunWeigh Joking Scale. This is one good-natured piece of electronic device that will actually hurl out insults and snide comments according to your current weight. Some of the soon-to-be classics include “It’s a good thing I talk because you probably can’t see me”, “gasp gasp can’t breathe”, “I think you just broke me” and “Back AWAY from the scale.” Those who have plenty of girth around their waist might not appreciate these remarks, but really, after a couple of drinks, it will all sound a whole lot funnier than it already is. You can pick up the zany FunWeigh Joking Scale for $49.90. This almost made it to Foolish Gadgets.

Product Page via ChipChick

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