Gift Ideas for the Whole Family


Buying a joint gift is a great way to encourage families to spend more time together and equally importantly save you a bit of money. Here we present thee with 10 gadget gifts any (especially geeky) family will appreciate.

Cranium Family Edition – $34.99
Cranium Family Edition

Cranium Family Fun gives families the best way to play together as a team in an unforgettably fun game that gives everyone a chance to shine. Packed with 16 hilarious activities, Cranium Family Fun gets you building, flipping, sketching, sculpting, guessing and laughing out loud together every time you play!

The Cranium Family Edition is available from Amazon for $15.99.



20Q Challenge – $21.99

20Q Challenge

The classic game of 20 questions take on a new spin. This multi-player 360-degree spiral dome display lets you and your friends see the screen while playing. The game’s innovative table-top design comes with unique, stylized buttons. And now, there’s even more options to answer the questions. Guess 20 questions prior to 20 questions being asked.

The 20Q Challenge is available from Amazon for $21.99.


Frigits Deluxe – $29.95

Frigits Deluxe

If you’re old enough to remember the classic game of Mousetrap you’ll undoubtedly recall its crazily addictive, cartoon-esque maze of chutes, funnels, tunnels and ramps with great affection. Watching a marble meander through a series of improbable obstacles was strangely mesmerizing. And it’s just one of the reasons why we think Frigits Deluxe is going to be equally popular. This ingenious, fridge-based plaything has won every toy award going, and is as addictive as it is simple.

The Frigits Deluxe is available from Firebox for $29.95.


Foot Mat Activated Night Lights – $34.95

Foot Mat Activated Night Lights

These night lights are activated wirelessly when you step on the mat, ideal for illuminating the way to a bathroom, telephone, or doorway at night without disturbing a sleeping spouse or stubbing your toe. When stepped on, the floor mat has its own built-in bright LED light that illuminates, and it uses a 433MHz wireless signal to turn on each remote light up to 100′ away. The remote lights are turned off when the mat is stepped on a second time; the built-in mat light and remote lights gradually dim before turning off completely.

The Foot Mat Activated Night Lights is available from Hammacher for $34.95.


Khet Laser Game – $34.99

Khet Laser Game

Game play is simple, and easy to learn, as there are only 3 movement choices. The goal is to eliminate your opponent’s Pharaoh. And, you eliminate the Pharaoh just like they did in olden times – by firing a red laser! Each side of the board is equipped with its own laser, which you press after your turn. The laser bounces from mirror to mirror (always shooting off at a 90 degree angle). If the laser hits any piece on a non-reflective surface, that piece is removed from play.

The Khet Laser Game is available from Think Geek for $11.99.


LED Invaders Door Mat – $39.99

LED Invaders Door Mat

Aliens, robots and the UPS guy are welcome anytime, but to deter those other annoying carbon based life forms we’ve installed the Back Off LED Invaders Door Mat. This nifty doormat is imported from France and features a glowing display and motion sensor. Any time someone comes near, a glowing green space invader moves back and forth across the top of the mat.

The LED Invaders Door Mat is available from Think Geek for $39.99.


Customizable Electronic Trivial Pursuit – $59.95

Customizable Electronic Trivial Pursuit

This is the Trivial Pursuit game with an electronic card deck that you can tailor to players’ ages, interests, and areas of expertise. The unit comes pre-loaded with 600 questions, and up to 1,800 additional questions covering more than 100 categories such as Heroes and Heroines, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and Travel and Adventure can be downloaded at no additional charge.

The Customizable Electronic Trivial Pursuit is available from Hammacher for $59.95.


Wii Fit – $180.00

Wii Fit

The active-play phenomenon started by Wii Sports now spreads to your whole body thanks to Wii Fit and the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board, which comes bundled with it. Used together players will experience an extensive array of fun, dynamic and surprisingly challenging activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and balance oriented games. The focus of these activities is towards providing a “core” workout, a popular exercise method that emphasizes slower, controlled motions, but it’s the fun approach to fitness of Wii Fit that will keep players hooked on fitness for years to come.

The Wii Fit is available from Amazon for $180.00.


Home Theater Kettle Popcorn Maker – $199.95

Home Theater Kettle Popcorn Maker

This is the popcorn maker that can provide fresh, cinema-quality popcorn for your home theater guests. Made by Waring, and using the same design found in movie theaters, the 600-watt thermostatically controlled stainless steel kettle heats up quickly, and is side hinged for easy access and cleaning. The kettle holds up to 4 oz. of unpopped kernels, and each batch creates 12 6 oz. servings, taking only five minutes from the touch of the start button to tipping fresh popcorn into the serving compartment.

The Home Theater Kettle Popcorn Maker is available from Hammacher for $199.95.


Family Cycle – $2,700

Family Cycle

This is the three-wheeled recumbent cycle used by Caribbean and Mediterranean luxury resorts, and preferred for its sturdy frame that comfortably supports two adults and has extra space for two children or several shopping bags, allowing a family of four to enjoy gentle, smooth touring. Unlike typical tandem bicycles, this single-speed side-by-side cycle has two sets of independent pedals that provide optimal pedal power relative to each pedaler’s leg strength, instead of the “one-size-fits-all” pedal cycle circumference which lesser bicycles use.

The Family Cycle is available from Hammacher for $2,700.


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mark Says: December 2, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Why is the wii fit 180$? Pretty sure its 89 everywhere else.

Isopure Protien Says: October 26, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Your family cycle looks fun but a bit over-priced. Good ideas tho

Samantha P, Says: December 7, 2012 at 11:24 am

Your website shows “Foot Mat Activated Night Lights – $34.95” but the picture is of what appears to be a pasta maker. Just thought someone should let you know in case no one has. Other than that, the rest of the gifts were some great ideas! Thanks

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