Belkin’s 3-pack Tune Tie comes with warranty

by Ally

Excess cord left hanging down from your earbuds really isn’t the end of the world.  However, if it is bothering you, you might as well solve the issue.  After all the extra cord can cause issues.  When it’s hanging down loosely it’s easier to catch it on things or for you to accidentally grab it and end up ripping the earbuds out of your ears.  Plus the cord hanging down just looks sloppy.  Yes, it is a little anal to worry about it, but it’s not exactly an attractive cord.

Well now you can pick up this 3-pack of Tune Ties from Belkin.  The Tune Tie is really nothing special, it’s just a simple device that lets you wind the cord around it, then holds the ends in place.  It’s also not the first of these things to be created.  However, being Belkin it does have the extra perk of coming with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty.  The three pack includes red, gray and black.  You can pick them up on Amazon for around $14 for the set.

Source: GadgetGrid

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