Text message to lock down your Laptop

by Mark R

Like many of you, I own a laptop that means a lot to me. Since I am a writer, I make my living by it. However, even those that don’t live by the laptop still have a lot of personal information on it.

Especially in the age where no one really wants to use passwords, and they come up automatically as soon as you go to your favorite site, which is usually bookmarked! Yes, getting your laptop stolen is an open door to identity theft.

Fortunately, new Lenovo ThinkPads have a little security system built in. Once the user has discovered that his or her laptop is stolen, he or she can enter a text message that will lock down the laptop.

How does this work? You use a special text message that only the laptop can hear. No, seriously, it is an ordinary text message that works with the broadband connection. So when the thief goes on line to try and steal your account information, he or she will be in total lockdown, baby!

So, laptop thieves, be warned. Just because you have taken my laptop does not mean you have me! Now your only hope is to take it to the pawn shop, where I will be looking for it.


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