Red ring of death? No problem if Santa bought it at Sam’s Club.

by James

The “red ring of death.” It’s three flashing red lights that are every Xbox gamers worst nightmare. It’s an all too common tale of woe told by XBox 360 owners after they’ve experienced a hardware failure on their gaming rig. One that there’s little return from. Sure, there are home brewed solutions that involve towels, long duration operation wrapped like a burrito, and more. But they’re usually short lived solutions. This is largely due to excessive gaming that causes the Xbox to overheat to the point of total failure. But what it truly amounts to is, that the Xbox 360 runs too hot. And in some cases, down right defective workmanship has cut the life of this premiere game box short. And a users only choice is to send it back to Redmond Washington for a very costly repair. Unless, that is, Santa got your 360 at Sam’s Club. Then, it’s your lucky holiday.

Sam’s Club has a RRoD return policy that allows users to swap their bad box for a new one and even keep the hard drive so you don’t lose all your games in the transaction. Then, Sam takes the heat and returns it to Bill with a very nasty note. And even if all Sam’s Club has are cheaper variants of the Box, they are happy to return the difference in cash.

Now that’s a Christmastime return policy.

Hat Tip – The Consumerist

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