Finally, an iPod dock as elegant …

by James

Those who love to take their entertainment with them in the form of an iPod, still like to enjoy it at home. Thus, they may want to take a look at this gorgeous DLO HomeDock HD Pro dock for the iPod. It upscales all video to 720p/1080i quality images, has HDMI ports to connect to the big screen plasma or LCD, and also has optical digital audio ports to enjoy that Dolby Digital sound the way it was designed to be. And those early adopters who don’t mind dropping several thousand on a home theater system will appreciate the RS-232 ports as well. But the real advantage is the interface as the HomeDock PRO is the world’s first iPod dock that lets viewers select their iPod content directly on their big-screen TV.

In addition, it also has other features including multiple screen savers to prevent plasma burn-in, turbo scroll to quickly navigate through thousands of songs in seconds, and 12 color themes to truly customize a user’s iPod experience. It also displays Album Art and song information at a glance on an owner’s TV screen. But for nearly $400, can it live up to the promise of making MPEG4 videos look better in 720p? Well, with Apple offering more and more movies in HD, why worry about the upscale promises? Just upload more HD content and enjoy it naturally. But for all that existing content, it can’t hurt it to give it a go. It can’t look worse … or could it?

Hat Tip – Engadget HD

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