Sprig Kinetic Toys are like, totally green


It gets rather hard these days trying to keep the earth green – don’t even look at your garage for an example with a large gas guzzling SUV parked inside, just take a gander in your kid-filled home and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Toys, toys and more toys fill up the living room, and most of them are made out of plastic that will still be around a thousand years after you and I have returned to our happy hunting grounds. Yes, the scourge of plastic toys looks set to stay, but would you consider getting environmentally-friendly toys if there were any in the market? I see a nod there, yes two more hands raised up in the back – good, I have the figures now to share about the new Sprig Kinetic Toys.

Made from a new ultra durable bio-material called Sprigwood, these toys are completely recyclable once they have reached the end of their natural lifespan, even the rubber are not spared. In addition to not polluting the environment once they’re broken or your kids have outgrown it, this is one green piece of transport since it is kid-powered as well. Despite being able to light up and play sound, you can rest easy knowing that there isn’t any need to purchase batteries to keep the Sprig Kinetic Toys powered, since they rely on ingenious kinetic push and pump energy. for children these days since they’re normally hyperactive due to the sugar-rich foods in their diet, and there is no better way to burn off all those excess energy than powering their own toys.

You will be able to choose from a range of toys, including the sturdy rumbling Discover Rig (£39.95). Being push-powered, it is accompanied by its very own Adventure Guide known as Captain Faraday – a nifty little plug ‘n’ play character pre-loaded with tales of his Secret Safari. Pushing the vehicle around will gather enough energy to bring Captain Faraday to life, as he starts to entertain the rider with stories, entertaining them by singing songs and pointing the way with his glowing hardhat. Other vehicles include the Rally Racer and Baja Scout (£19.95 each), all accompanied by their own Adventure Guide.

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