Showerdrop helps you save water


Water is an extremely important ingredient when it comes to sustaining life, but many of us in developed countries take this precious natural resource for granted. I believe the world will go to war over water instead of oil in the future, so to prevent that, why not inculcate good habits back home? Instead of spending nearly an hour in a shower, you can train yourself and other family members to limit their bathing times with the Showerdrop. This waterproof shower water meter will let you know just how much water you’re using, and once it hits the 35 liter target (as recommended by UK water authorities), the built-in alarm will ring. Of course, it remains your choice to stay in the shower and continue or prick your conscience by turning the tap off. Do your bit for nature this yuletide season (and beyond) by picking up the £14.95 Showerdrop.

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