Discovery FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set


Most shopping malls aren’t exactly small, instead, they’re more of the opposite, being cavernous hunks of concrete that house levels of stores for you to spend your money and time. Going with the family can be a fun yet stressful thing as you attempt to keep in touch with the younger ones while you shop. Kids tend to have a mind of their own, wandering away when you’re not looking, and not all malls have great cell phone reception to begin with. Enter the Discovery FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set that retails for $29.95 – it offers crystal clear reception within a 1.5 mile radius, and comes with a built-in watch to help everyone in the family stick to the agreed time for before heading back home. Features of the Discovery FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set include :-

  • Full-function digital watches and walkie talkies
  • 22 channels
  • VOX auto talk technology allows you to talk without pushing a button
  • Operates on FRS, an ultra-high frequency with pristine sound
  • Features energy-saving mode
  • Crystal-clear sound for up to a mile and a half
  • Blue LCDs for low-light viewing
  • Adjustable bands
  • Flip-out antennas
  • Includes earbuds for covert listening
  • Create your own communication network with multiple sets

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