Dell releases new Intel Core i7-powered gaming systems


Dell isn’t exactly famous for their line of gaming computers, although they do have the Alienware brand to handle that aspect for consumers. This time round, they have endowed their Alienware line with Intel’s latest offering – the Core i7 processor range which tout to offer unprecedented speed and performance across three new extreme gaming desktops – the Alienware Area-51 X-58, Alienware Area-51 ALX X-58 and the Dell XPS 730x. All three dynamic systems are miles ahead of what is being sold today by Dell, since the Intel Core i7 processor is capable of generating by far a greater number of instructions per clock cycle, enhancing the systems’ simultaneous processing capabilities. This means improved physics, greater environmental interactivity, more intelligent AI and an overall boost in the immersive, real-to-life experience for gamers, although casual ones might not notice the difference, the hardcore crowd will be more than pleased.

Both the Alienware Area-51 X-58 and ALX X-58 are able to hold up to a whopping 12GB of triple channel DDR3 memory (now that’s a whole lot in case you were wondering), while the lesser XPS 730x maxes out at 6GB (which is still plenty by any measure today). All three systems will feature the all-new Intel QuickPath Architecture that speeds up communication between the processor and components throughout the systems, resulting in faster load times between game levels without sacrificing background applications such as game utility packages, surfing the Net or downloading movies and music. Intel Core i7 processors have been shown to have a performance increase of over 20% compared to its previous generation platform, so you can be sure that the bottleneck on the processor’s part has been reduced or even eliminated where certain applications and games are concerned.

Well, like all Intel Core i7-powered systems (especially with the Alienware branding), you can expect to fork out a hefty amount for any system. I would say it is safe to set aside around $3,500 and above if you want a decent rig from this line.

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