Stick Figure Creates a Caution Zone in Your Personal Space

by Mark R

Whenever I see one of those yellow triangular caution signs with the black silhouettes of people walking, I am always disappointed that I don’t see one of these black outlines actually crossing the street.

I guess we have just accepted those yellow caution signs with the silhouettes. So why not have one of your own on your desk? This is the sole purpose of the Stick Figure Caution Sign.

This little knick knack, for lack of a better word, allows the user to pose an ebony stick figure in whatever pose he or she wants. It is reminiscent of those wooden figures that art students use to make full-body sketches, and this comes with 16 points of articulation.

So if you spill your drink and you want to create a “Slippery When Wet” sign by your desk, this is just what you need. You could get really creative with this. For example, you can make this guy dance on his hands like the figure on the right, and create a “Breakdancing Zone”.

If you want to get this little guy on your desk, feel free to surf on over to ThinkGeek, a site that has a lot of cool stuff. Be prepared to spend a low price of just $11.99.

Any idea how you would pose them? Go ahead and leave a comment. Keep it clean, though.


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