Tadpole Wrapz with Headphones

by Ally

Over time I’ve begun to somewhat accept that some gadgets are helpful to keep the kids entertained.  Just as long as you don’t use them as a babysitter all the time.  Well if you have allowed your preschooler or even elementary school age child to have an iPod you’re going to need a way to protect it.  After all, young kids aren’t going to always be the most careful and even if they are, they’re still not a graceful bunch.  At some point they’re going to trip and fall, probably with the iPod in hand.  Well Tadpole is releasing a case that will make the iPod less likely to break when it’s dropped.

They also have a pair of matching headphones that look very kid friendly.  The only down side with this durable little case is that it doesn’t have a slot at the bottom.  Which means you have to take the case off in order to recharge the iPod.  Other than that it looks like it will hold up to any beatings your little ones might dish out.  To pick the set up it will cost you $14.99.  They will fit either the iPod Classic or the iPod Video.

Source: Popgadget

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