Vornado TVH 600 Space Heater

by Mark R

Now that it is winter in my part of the world, I am becoming ever-dependent on my space heater. Of course, the ones I buy are the cheap Wal-Mart kind, and they have to be replaced every year. The Vorando TVH 600 is definitely redefining what a space heater should be.

The first feature that makes the TVH 600 unique is the touchscreen on top. Some of you may think a touchscreen on a space heater is a waste of technology when a switch or dial controls would do, but this is the age of the iPhone. Everything needs a touchscreen today.

The second feature that makes the TVH 600 stand out is the remote control. From the remote, you can adjust the desired temperature of the heater, and it will work like a thermostat. In other words, the TVH 600 will heat the room as it detects the temperature going down.

The third feature is safety. The TVH 600 comes with “automatic tip-over protection, a non-glowing heat element, cool touch cabinet, and tight grill spirals that will not burn hands”. Considering that most space heaters are not really safe, and easily damaged when they tip over, the Vornado TVH 600 should be quite an improvement.

Of course, sometimes improvements cost a lot. The Vornado TVH 600 is no exception, as it comes with a $199.99 price tag. You can preorder it from the Vornado website, but it won’t ship until November 21.


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Duane Fisher Says: November 14, 2008 at 10:28 am

It looks like it is available early (I checked on Nov 14) on the Here is he direct link to the The looks kinda snazzy too.

Duane Fisher Says: November 14, 2008 at 10:51 am

OK. Having issues trying to create links. Bottom line is Vornado is selling the TVH600 on their site http://www.vornado.com currently. I liked this product because i like the thermostat in the controller so if you keep it with you it will pump out hot air until the temperature around you is warm enough. Also liked the air distribution with their vortex action.

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